We are all under a chemical sky, a weaponized sky.

A sky that we can no longer safely raise our children under, a sky that is murdering the future for all living things. A sky that screams war on the people, on the land, on life itself.

This is not climate change (which is a weaponized term); this is war on us.

When I realized; truly realized, that there was no longer any valid fantasy of escape, for any survivor, from tyranny anywhere on the Earth, for any peoples on any continent, I screamed inside; and I don’t think I’ve stopped to this day.  This scream is the pounding of my heart.


I’m a fiction writer. I penned the Oniah Trilogy; except book three isn’t done yet, so there’s that.  I’m also ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control survivor; often described as MK-Ultra.  

I’m calling out to all the children I knew in my abuse, which started for me in the 70s, all of you across the fire, all of you tortured in the labs in the United States and elsewhere. All of you who witnessed the murders, the child pornography, the spiritual evoking of evil powers and demons. The complicity of key people within the universities, the military, the government, the corporations, the media, and everywhere.  

I’m calling out to all of you who know the global elite are ushering in open rule and hell on earth.  

We need to rise up and resist.  

We need to undo the weapons being used against the people.  Undo the control grid.  Take back our poisoned water, our lands, our food, protect our children, restore our dignity.  

Those of you flying the drones, you don’t have to work for evil anymore.  

Those of you as agent provocateurs, you don’t have to work for evil anymore.  

Those of you following your cues, switching your memory on and off, you don’t have to follow those orders anymore.  

Those of you in satanic ceremony, those of you in sacrifice, those of you crying out for help and can’t see the light, you don’t have to be blackmailed anymore.  

We are allowed the right to change our minds.   

We are allowed the right to realize we were lied to, manipulated, cheated, beaten, raped, tortured as children.  And we found no escape. The good people of this world wouldn’t help us. We have the right to have been confused. We have the right to be afraid.  

Now it is time to put out the call that we all have the right to heal.  

We are forgiven if we choose light and love and forgive ourselves. We are forgiven if we choose to use our physical skills, our psychic skills, our spirit walking skills, everything they trained us to do for warfare against the peoples of this Earth on all levels—to choose to use these same skills for the health of the people. All people. And the land, the sea, the sky and all the creatures of this earth.  

We also have the right to retire these skills forever. We have the right to no longer be used.  

The Empire falls from within.  

I am willing to die for my country. But more importantly, I am willing to live; no matter what horrors we all face.  

If we awaken in time; there is still a chance to save the future for our children, and there is nothing more important. I’m honestly not sure how we will do it. But every journey starts with the decision to embark.  

Love is the answer. 

Not war. Never war. All the wars in memory have been manipulated. Keep love in your heart but raise your fists. We have the right to defend ourselves from harm and organized evil intent being waged against us; and indeed, a real war is being waged.  We must defend ourselves and our children with our rights now, the same way every creature in the forest has the right to defend itself against being killed.  

Defense starts with the recognition of a threat. Look up; my friends. Look up at the chemical sky.  

This is the awakening point.  

Now, tell me, where are we going to run when the weather has been weaponized?  No one has the right to spray chemicals in the sky. No one has the right to spray you.  

The sun is being dimmed.  I miss the sun, the golden yellow sun.  

I miss feeling like I have any meaning in my life.  

We’re all being shoved out onto a killing battlefield unprepared—and we are broken, poisoned, fluoridated, lied-to, suspicious of each other, dis-coordinated; and instead of pulling our swords out of their sheath to be strong, we’re staring at our screens.

Do you want to live the rest of your life staring at that screen, because real life itself is too horrible to face?     

Under A Chemical Sky © Valerie Brook 2019 / Photo by Valerie Brook

It is a fact that we are being sprayed worldwide. It’s time to look up and see.