The Grandfather And The Raven

When he believes he didn’t do the right things he should have done in life—

When he believes he didn’t say the good things he should have said—

When he knows he was used as a tool for evil.

Even after all hope is lost, there may yet be a second chance to fulfill a powerful destiny filled with light, and a grandfather named Jacob Davidson Bucket is about to find out.

The world may well depend on him.

Our Story Begins...

Go ahead and sit down with me, my Little Bucket. If you don’t mind—please hold tight to that big wooden railing, watch the splinters. Please hold on tight.

There you go.

You’re too high up on this historic truss bridge.

I know what you’re thinking of doing.

I’m so thankful I found you up here tonight. It’s too cold and dark as hell and I see you shivering. But if you let me tell you a story, the story of when I became married to the dark side, I think I can help you.

It’s not the sort of story you’re expecting me to tell.

Sure is gusty up here when that angry night wind blows, tosses your long hair against your face—please keep holding on. I’ll keep my voice up so you can hear. Will you nod if you can hear me good?

Okay, that’s good.

My sweet Little Bucket, I want to see your green eyes look deep into mine. I think you got your grandpa’s eyes, alright.

Just look into my eyes one time.


Well, that’s okay, we can look up at that universe of stars swimming that sky.

We’ve got time tonight, that’s what we’ve got. Time. You can sneak a peak at me anytime. I’m here to help you.

I came here to help.

[End Excerpt]