The Flipside Files I

These ten tales from The Flipside Files I  are a collection of short stories that range from fantasy to science fiction, from the perilous adventures of youth to the astonishing crimes of adults, from the ancient past to the frightening future.

Take my hand as we journey together through the tangle of wondrous stories on these pages; for every good adventure is best shared in good company, my dear reader, and we have much to do.

Contents: The Ball Breaker’s Summer Club; The Disinvention of the Surveillance State; The Chicken Time Machine; Mother Rock Mamba; The Dust Devil, the Riffraff, and the Big Orange Sunset; The Sea Girl’s Survival; The Ordinary; The Hutsu Hunter; Sting Girl; The Monster Experiment. 

The Oniah Trilogy

Welcome to the world of modern mind control, where children are tortured to evoke latent abilities beyond the average population and trained to become undetectable super spies—secret servants of an international elite known only as the order. Caught up and enslaved in a massive criminal enterprise intent on world rule, it takes a special courage to resist the scariest and most powerful people on earth.

Holding Oniah

Oceans In Oniah

Oniah Answers