Oniah Answers

Twenty years ago Sierra’s whole world burned down in flames. Over the years, she’s worked to face the hard lessons of healing from mind control, rebuilding her life, and using ancient wisdom to protect herself from the evil secret society she escaped.   

Overnight, the distopia of war burns her world down again, except this time her arch enemy The Order wants to bring about open rule and drop the planet to its knees. The United States will be destroyed—and humanity itself is about to become captive in a worldwide technocratic prison of its own making.

When a dear friend goes missing, Sierra is faced once again with an epic battle against the terrible forces of darkness. A battle only she can win.

If she can survive the evil of her past.

The Oniah Trilogy

Welcome to the world of modern mind control, where children are tortured to evoke latent abilities beyond the average population and trained to become undetectable super spies—secret servants of an international elite known only as the order. Caught up and enslaved in a massive criminal enterprise intent on world rule, it takes a special courage to resist the scariest and most powerful people on earth.

Holding Oniah

Oceans In Oniah

Oniah Answers