Photography gives me a little peace from the lyme symptoms; from the non-stop researching and the truth-trauma that builds up like a takedown tackle, from writing hard the third book in the Oniah Trilogy, from memories that cascade over me in drowning waves. 


I feel like I can share what I see with someone through the lens. And that brings me joy. Maybe catch a little bit of the beauty, the absurdity, the mystery all around me.  Maybe see into the spirit world.

The fire shots from the Solo Stove. Yes.

Natural fire is a great healer to me. It helps my eyes and it feeds my soul. I’m learning to cook over the open flame. The flavors burst. The nutrition is powerful.

It’s going to take a little time to have the opportunity to practice over real coals consistently—consistently enough to get good at it. Feel comfortable in producing an amazing meal to share. This is a whole new way of cooking; and of course, it’s an art our ancestors knew. All of our ancestors, all over the world. Fire has memories. Fire can teach us what it knows; if we earn it.

If we ask.

I’m asking.

Playing With Fire © Valerie Brook 2019 / All Photography © by Valerie Brook