This weekend I sat in the passenger’s seat in the car, my camera poised out the window, and took pictures of the sky as we drove around. It’s truly horrifying to me to see what is coming out of the planes and drones and whatever else is spraying our skies and drifting down onto our heads.

No, it is not contrails. Look up at the sky and ask how it could possibly be water vapor as we are told it is. No. The spray literally drips and hangs and disperses in a totally unnatural fashion. It has sickening colors. And it dims the sun.

Weather manipulation is happening, folks. And it’s totally illegal and immoral and criminal; and it’s also been admitted.

Why are we, as the public, so blind? Why are so many of us unable to care? These are important questions; and if we settle on an obvious answer it won’t be good enough. Social engineering is insidious and treacherous and invisible unless we deconstruct it carefully to identify how all the lies intersect.

The bottom line is this: we are sheep to the slaughter unless we wake up.

There are dark forces at work. The infrastructure for 5G is going up all around us and it’s pretty freaky. We need to educate ourselves. 

Watch the three videos below—Both What In The World Are They Spraying, and Why In The World Are They Spraying will help show a deeper layer of truth about the aircraft flying overhead, Take Back Your Power will help show that smart meters are insane, and 5G Apocalypse is just plain terrifying.

We can’t afford to be in denial anymore.

Photos From The Passenger’s Seat © Valerie Brook / Photography by Valerie Brook

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