condition_infectedArt can depict emotions that are hard to articulate. And, well—what better way to embarrass myself than with the modern iPhone selfie?

Lyme is a bacterial infection.

And I so totally love the TV show The Walking Dead.

So it’s only natural that I have mentally compared myself to a zombie when all I can do is lay in my bed, lay on the couch, lay in a recliner, lay on the floor.

Zombie seems appropriate.

And maybe I might rather be a zombie than a lymie, it seems way more fun. At least it seems like the zombies don’t feel pain, right? They just zombie around all day going: Graawww or Errrggee or Blahhh.

Those grunts seem pretty familiar. Yep. That’s about the state of things over here.

Condition: Infected.

Hey, I could even be hired to be a zombie extra on the hit show! Forget my bed, I can lay on a movie set. How cool would that be?

Next stop: Hollywood.