It’s my two year Beeversary.

Two years ago I embarked on this journey to treat late stage chronic lyme disease with bee venom therapy’s broad-spectrum anti-microbial properties. Two years ago.

That’s completely bonkers.

I’ve come so far. Healed so much. Done the impossible. Words can not describe this unimaginable journey, what I have been through physically to endure the stings and the herxes, what I have learned spiritually. Bee venom has been a powerful medicine like no other I have ever known. It has stripped me to the bare white of bone, it has lifted me up into the unbound sky. I have held on for dear life through cries of doubt, through wintry storms of fear, through the painfully pink new growth of healing and the deep release of skin after old, leathered skin of me to find the person underneath this nightmare of chronic illness. The real me. The actual me buried alive. The person I’ve been digging up and fighting for freedom with; using the claws of medicine of everything I know and have and can find and still more. The person worth it all, over and over again.

I am so grateful.

Thank you bees. I am here: stronger. Fiercer. In service of light. I am working to save you as you save me.

I have at least another year of treatment for bartonella, (a persistent bacterial co-infection of lyme that is to many people more debilitating than lyme disease itself), maybe two years—all guns blazing, um actually—I mean all stings.