Las Vegas. This impossible metropolis in the Mojave Desert.

Drive out from the city, in any direction, and the car tires will hit dirt nothing if you go far enough. It just looks like, literally—nothing. Dirt, rocks, magnificent hills and mountains. It’s an enviornment kinda like I might imagine Mars would be if my car was a spaceship and I crash landed there.

But I’m so at peace in this dry landscape, and need not go in that “totally Jeep deep” right now—just enough in, to park with all the other trail cars, and experience the beauty but know I’m not alone in an environment that could kill me quickly because I am new here.

Life amazingly abounds. There is a quietude here, a spirituality, and it is deep and strong and touches me. More than touches me. Not kidding.

These photos are from two hikes—one around Lake Mead with the old railroad tunnels, and the other in Red Rock Canyon. My body went here, did this. I shot photos with my Fuji x100f. It was really meaningful.

Photography © Valerie Brook