I walk the beach, alone, barefoot with my camera. The spirit worlds are alive all around me.

I see beach creatures inside the drift wood; doorways inside the splashing cobalt waves; other lands layered on top and throughout this physical one. For indeed, this physical world is ultimately built of illusion; quite solid to some, less solid to others. Our physical senses are just the dock that our spirit anchors onto when it’s not flying.

I had visions as a child, visions I couldn’t control. I saw spirits; and many of them scared me. The world is not a safe place and we must be vigilant.

Our modern phone screens can never replace the spirit world, the connection that we all long for. The dark side in rule is tricking us; separating us from our deepest truths, separating us from our wise and loving ancestors (not the lost ones), and our own spiritual power to love and rise above. And we are allowing them.

The spirit worlds of light hold much wisdom, hold real answers to our panicked questions. The plants and animals, birds and air, winds and water. But we must approach quietly, and with respect; or the doors do not open. There will come a time when the only hope is to reconnect to the mysteries.

When is the last time you stood on the Earth? Not in shoes…I mean really touched her with your own bare feet? What message does she give you?

I have wondered about the reason we are given shoes that deform our feet, and told we must wear them when we go outside, or we are “not allowed” where we want to go.

Don’t you wonder; too?

Maybe the Earth and her natural frequencies are that powerful and that healing. Maybe someone doesn’t want us to know.

Beach Creatures © Valerie Brook 2019 / Photography © Valerie Brook 2019