These Empty Streets

The Las Vegas Strip in shutdown… boarded up windows being painted by artists…an uneasy ghost city. Photography © Valerie Brook

Las Vegas Goes Quiet

Walking the streets of Las Vegas…after schools, casinos, and most businesses are forced to close… Photography © Valerie Brook

Beautiful Desert Hikes

Las Vegas. This impossible metropolis in the Mojave Desert. Drive out from the city, in any direction, and the car tires will hit dirt nothing if you go far enough. It just looks like, literally—nothing. Dirt, rocks, magnificent hills and mountains. But I’m so...

The Longest Road

The colors sizzle vibrantly. It’s the edge of the world she looks toward. It is the edge of all she knows.  Brilliant blues stretch across the open skyline. They’ve crossed the state line in the car. The government sign said so. Everything they...