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A short story

Pooja And The Portal Pursuer

by Valerie Brook


It might be odd that Pooja P. Humphries has cockroaches for pets that travel loyally on the handlebar of her amazing time-traveling Walmart shopping cart, but she's definitely whip-smart. She runs the Pooja Mysterium of Assorted Aritifacts and Wonders in the ancient world, after all. Oh yes, and she's been brilliantly evading the super-bad CIA men for years. They destroyed her life's work long ago and have been after her ever since. But when someone finally finds her time machine portal, could her reality be different than she believes?

The Oniah Trilogy

The Oniah Trilogy

Holding Oniah

by Valerie Brook

They come at night when Ember Janerro is sleeping, when she lies unconscious and vulnerable and alone. The slavers have always erased her memory as fast as they open the locked front door. Her mind is designed to offer no resistance, to keep her blankly imprisoned behind amnesic barrier. The perfectly controlled super-spy. Until this morning.

When Ember wakes at dawn, standing in a grove behind a gas station in someone else's clothes, one thought pounds through her head: My name is not always Ember.

Realizing her simple life as a nurse is the manipulated cover for her secret life under mind control, Ember is now a threat to the most powerful secret society in the world.

When a mysterious philanthropist offers to help her find freedom, Ember uncovers psychic abilities that the manipulators have invested millions to hide and control. And she's running out of time.

The Oniah Trilogy

Oceans In Oniah

by Valerie Brook

When Sierra wakes up naked in a stranger’s bedroom, with no memory of how she got there, she knows her life is spiraling out of control. Someone is causing her to have blackouts that make no sense. Someone is playing tricks on her mind. It’s time to admit the truth—she’s really scared.

And feeling like she wants to die.

Racing home on her Triumph motorcycle, Sierra finds her best friend Violet has planned a surprise party for Sierra’s eighteenth birthday bash.

But when a gunshot rocks their world, it seems like getting ready for college is the last thing on Sierra’s mind.

Now, in a race against the evil machinations of The Order, Sierra must unravel the mystery of her blackouts and face the tangled horrors of modern mind control to reveal a destiny that will not be defeated.

Photo Journal

Playing With Fire

Photography— I feel like I can share what I see through the lens. And that brings me joy. Maybe catch a little bit of the beauty, the absurdity, the mystery all around me.  And now I discovered a new thing: I love photographing fire. Photography © by Valerie Brook

Beach Creatures

I walk the beach, alone, barefoot with my camera slung around my neck. The spirit world is alive all around me. Photography © Valerie Brook 2019

Photos From The Passenger’s Seat

This weekend I sat in the passenger's seat in the car, my camera poised out the window, and took pictures of the sky as we drove around. It's truly horrifying to see what is drifting down onto our heads. The sky is a mess. The cell towers are a mess. I can not even begin to express my concern. Photography © Valerie Brook