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Three New Short Stories

I've got some exciting new short stories out in the last few months! I'm especially fond of the short story titled The One Left in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine—and I confess this short story is just the beginning of Dwyn's adventures.

Fighter and Fury

As many of you know, it’s been four years since I started treatment for late-stage neuro Lyme disease.  It’s now been nineteen years total that I’ve had the disease, unbeknown to me for fifteen years, until I was...

Nature Is My Home

Nature is my home. I can leave the city behind in a heartbeat.  


I love photography. No, that’s not what I love. I love to speak through my eyes. I love to share with you what I see. There is something striking to be seen everywhere, even in the strangest places—and unless I am too sick to feel that beauty, to chase the angles, too sick...


I made Vietnamese Pho! (And those are my favorite socks in the photo, too. Okay, they are kinda my only socks, hence the favored designation.) A better and more descriptive update on my life is way overdue, but for now—THIS: I have healed enough of the brain impairment from Lyme disease that I can actually follow an...


It's my two year Beeversary. Two years ago I embarked on this journey to treat late stage chronic lyme disease with bee venom therapy's broad-spectrum anti-microbial properties. Two years ago....

Recently Published

Fiction River: An Orignal Anthology Magazine

Little Byte

by Valerie Brook

"For her second powerful story in this volume, Valerie Brook introduces us to a pair of friends who find a light to shine even when overwhelming forces are intent on their destruction. She says about the story, “To be brutally honest, this story was inspired by my own iPhone, and the fact that I have late-stage Lyme disease and was bedridden with my phone as my only link to the outside world and the research and people and medicine that were saving my life. For better or worse—a trusty friend. For this short story, when I imagined a world without any people at all, and the internet of smart appliances and cars and cities having gone bonkers and taken over the globe, there had to be a hero.”

And that’s how Val got this fantastic and fun story. Amazing, just amazing."