It's my two year Beeversary. Two years ago I embarked on this journey to treat late stage chronic lyme disease with bee venom therapy's...

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Strange Things

This past weekend I saw a plane disappear right out of the sky. I’m being totally serious—but I’ll get to that later. I took my son camping with friends. I set up our tent. Cooked him a hamburger over...

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A Message To Myself From A Time Machine

Apitherapy: The use of products derived from honeybees as medicine; including bee venom, honey, propolis, pollen, and royal jelly. Bee Venom Therapy: The use of honeybee venom is an ancient therapy, going back into the mists of time to Egypt and Greece, and still...

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Life Not Lyme

It’s not my disease. It's my LIFE. And I want it back—I want my life back from being taken hostage by stealth pathogens that might, or might not, have been engineered as bioweapons. Just saying. The book to read is written by Michael Christopher Carroll, titled Lab...

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Through a whirlwind of events, in a handful of intense weeks, I have become a beekeeper. I did not consider being able to learn beekeeping until just suddenly about three weeks ago, I saw a photo of a top bar hive and I thought, that’s my hive. It was literally like...

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The Sting Girl

Please enjoy the beginning of my short story, The Sting Girl, and if you'd like to read more, this story is available for $2.99 as an ebook on Amazon, iBooks, and elsewhere.  [button...

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The Day I Accidentally Thought I Was A Police Officer

Set the scene: It’s lunchtime on a zippy little summer’s day. I’m driving home from swinging kettle bells in the appropriate black spandex attire, kinda zoned out from trying to get my lymph system moving. And even more zoned out from Lyme disease in general and the...

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Wondrous World

Walking on the beach in Lincoln thankful to be alive. The world is wondrous through the tiny lens of an iPhone.

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Bee Friends

It's never too strange of a day to put a bee on your nose and take a selfie. I love my bee friends!

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Condition: Infected

Art can depict emotions that are hard to articulate. And, well—what better way to embarrass myself than with the modern iPhone selfie? Lyme is a bacterial infection. And I so totally love the TV show The Walking Dead. So it's only natural that I have mentally compared...

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